Francis "Frank" Lenzner
September 9, 1975 - July 1, 2015


Francis "Frank" Lenzner
Sep 9, 1975 - Jul 1, 2015

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Francis "Frank" Lenzner, of Birnamwood, died Wednesday, July 1, 2015. He was 39 years old. He was born on September 9, 1975 in Antigo, a son of the late James and Mary (Stadler) Lenzner. He married Wendi Tousey on June 5, 1998.

He was employed at Pomp's Tire in Antigo for 16 years.

He enjoyed hunting and fishing, spending time with his family and working on trucks. He was a Chevy fan. His daughter, Natalie was the light of his life.

Survivors include wife, Wendi; daughter, Natalie; sister, Marcia (Gerald) Ziegelbauer of Birnamwood; three brothers, Paul (Mary) Lenzner of Merrill, Lawrence (Sue) Lenzner of Antigo and Kenneth (Amy) Lenzner of Birnamwood; father and mother-in-law, Arnold and Diana Tousey; sisters and brother-in-law, Holly Tousey of Bowler, Heidi Loebig of Iowa and Arnie Tousey of Bowler; four nieces and four nephews; two great-nephews and a great-niece.

In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by a brother in infancy.

A funeral service will be held on Tuesday at 11 a.m. at Bradley Funeral Home with Rev. Charles Hoffmann officiating. Burial will take place in St. Boniface Cemetery, Aniwa. Visitation will be Monday from 4 to 8 pm and Tuesday from 10 to 11 am at the funeral home.

Natalie on Jul 20, 2019

Really missing you

Wendi on May 3, 2019

In less than 2 months it will mark 4 years ! Hard to believe its been that long already. Our sweet girl will be a freshman in highschool. Shes growing so fast. She is so beautiful! Until we meet again.

Natalie on Nov 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving Daddy . I love you and miss you

Natalie on Oct 26, 2018

CandleIts my 4th hunting season without you Daddy ! I miss you more and more every day .I love you

Natalie on Aug 29, 2018

CandleIts now 3 years without you !! I miss you so much .I love you Daddy

Natalie Lenzner on Apr 3, 2018

CandleAnother spring without you !! I miss you Daddy love you

Wendi S Lenzner on Mar 8, 2018

CandleOur little girl is turning 13 on march 10. Her 3rd birthday without you !! She just wants a hug from you and that would make her happy. We miss you lots ! We both know that you are no longer in pain. Until we meet again . Love you and miss you

Wendi Lenzner on Jan 16, 2018

CandleAnother New Year without you ! Missing you lots

Wend and Natalie Lenzner on Dec 14, 2017

Merry Christmas in heaven. Its your 3rd year. miss you lots

Wendi S Lenzer on Sep 8, 2017

Candle2 years have pasted and another birthday in heaven ! Not a day goes by that I dont think of you ! Natalie and I miss you lots. I know your no longer in pain . Every time I look at our daughter I see you ! Until we meet again . Love always

Natalie on Aug 11, 2017

Candle25 months have passed now. Just cant believe your still gone ! Maybe one of these days we will fire up the truck and take it for a ride. Still smells exactly like you. !! Im going into the 7th grade this year . I miss you Daddy !! Love you

Natalie on Jul 6, 2017

CandleTwo years have come and gone. I miss you dearly. Talking to your headstone just isnt the same. I love you and miss you Daddy.

Natalie on Jun 4, 2017

CandleDear Daddy Its been 23 months now since you let me. I can still see that day those moments when I close my eyes. I miss you so much

Natalie on May 1, 2017

Today marks 22 months and I miss you more than ever. Have a beer with steve. love you and miss you

Natalie on Apr 11, 2017

Good NIght Daddy I love you and miss you

Natalie on Mar 16, 2017

CandleDear Daddy , I miss you so much !! Heaven gained another angel , Uncle Charlie. School is going ok. I sat in your truck the other day.Its not the same with out you. I love you , Love Natalie

Natalie on Mar 2, 2017

Dear Daddy , I miss you so much !! Its been 20 months since you went to heaven ! I love you

Natalie Lenzner` on Jan 26, 2017

CandleDear Daddy I miss you so much !!!!!! I love you

Wendi and Natalie on Jan 23, 2017

I still cant believe its been 18 and half months. I miss you !! Natalie and I miss you alot

Natalie on Jan 2, 2017

Another year has come and gone. I still miss you the same. I love my panda bear from you. A special gift from a special man. I love you Daddy !!! Its been 18 months since we last talked . I know you and Grandpa , Grandma and Steve are all together. I wish you were here. There are some things mom cant help me with . She is doing a good job. I am lose without you , but mom is keeping your memory alive. I'm learning to sew and cook. Its lot of fun. Just wish heaven had a phone. I love you , Love always Natalie

Wendi and Natalie on Dec 25, 2016

Another Christmas in Heaven Daddy . I miss you so much !! I would love one more hug , and one more adventure with you !! Merry Christmas Daddy ........ Love Natalie

Wendi and Natalie on Nov 14, 2016

CandleAnother hunting season is upon us and another Thanksgiving that you are missing !! MIss you like crazy

Wendi and Natalie on Oct 5, 2016

It's been a little over 15 months now. Still hard to believe your still gone. The leaves are changing fast. Natalie is so much like you ! She saves everything ! Another month in heaven and its another month without you . Miss you

Wendi and Natalie on Sep 9, 2016

Happy Birthday, love you and miss you

Wendi and Natalie on Aug 19, 2016

Its been 14 long months ! We miss you everyday .We love you

Natalie and Wendi on Jul 4, 2016

A year has come and gone. Life hasnt been the same since. We love you and miss you !!

Wendi and Natalie on Jun 30, 2016

CandleFor someone who ment so much and loved by all he knew. Left behind a trail of tears and precious memories too. We loved the sunshine in your smile and the kindness in your heart ,but heaven saw you were getting tired and ment we had to part.
Dear Angels hear our prayer, its been a year .....Frank was someone very special and words can not express how much we miss him !!!
You were there when our daughter took her first breath and she was there when you took your last. Until we meet again. Love you forever

Natalie and Wendi on Jun 28, 2016

CandleIt's almost a year and nothing has been the same. We speak of you often and we blow you a kiss every morning and every night. Its hard to sit in your truck. It smells just like you. I can still here your voice and see you rolling your eyes when I bring another kitty home. I wish heaven had a phone. I would call you up .. I love you and miss you

Natalie on Jun 20, 2016

I missed you so much on Fathers day !!! I keep seeing eagles and finding pennies and feathers. I know its you watching over me. Happy fathers day daddy. I miss you

Wendi and Natalie on Jun 2, 2016

Candle11 months have passed ..Every day we talk about something funny with you . miss you like crazy.

Natalie on May 25, 2016

Well soon it will be Father's Day and it will be your first one in Heaven. I miss you so much Daddy !!!!!

Wendi on May 6, 2016

10 and half months have passed !!! I miss you and I wish you were here !!! Nothing is the same without you !! I will always love you !!

Natalie on Apr 25, 2016

I miss you Daddy

Wendi & Natalie on Mar 31, 2016

Candle9 months have passed. All those times we spent with our beautiful daughter is alive in her heart. She misses you more and more every day. Every morning a cardinal greets us. We know its you watching over us !! Natalie was just talking about you getting stuck the other day. Boy she laughed and she laughed harder when we looked at the pictures of Jr pulling you out with the tractor. She wants to build a mud truck with blacky. We will see. Natalie has been looking at your pictures almost every day. She sleeps with your shirts. She treasures every stuffed animal you have gotten her. I told her the other day about the bb gun and monte carlo time. That bb shattered that window and how you bitched about buying a window and putting it in. We had lots of fun with that car. The hardest part about this all is ,we were starting to get along and bam your gone. I wish you were here. love you

Wendi & Natalie on Mar 23, 2016

Its 8 and half months today . We miss you so much !! Things just arent the the same without you. Another holiday without you. We know your up there looking down on us. Love you and miss you

Wendi & Natalie on Feb 16, 2016

Its been 7 months and 2 weeks. The holidays are the worst. We both truely dislike winter... We feel lost without you. I dont know why this happened to you. I just dont understand. We miss you alot !!

Natalie on Feb 3, 2016

Can't believe it's 7 months already. Things are really different without you here. It snowed alot last night. It really looks like winter now. I miss you Daddy

Wendi on Jan 20, 2016

You're probably looking down
from heaven up above,
sending out smiles with days of sunshine
and showers of love. Happy New Year !!

Until we meet again Love Always Wendi

Natalie on Jan 20, 2016

Dad The Best Ever

This story is about my Dad. Here we go..Once my Dad and I were out with the 1985 (blackie) We were going for a little ride on the land we have. When we were on our way since it just rained , it was really muddy. Then Dad turned and said to me " time to have some fun". We got muddy that day . Once back home the truck was covered in mud !! It was awesome. That day Dad and I had lots of fun. I miss you Daddy and love you lots

Wendi & Natalie on Dec 28, 2015

Wendi & Natalie on Dec 27, 2015

Merry Christmas. We sure missed you !! We love you and miss you like crazy. Until we meet again.
Love Always Wendi and Natalie

Wendi & Natalie on Dec 1, 2015


Bradley Funeral Home on Dec 1, 2015

Wendi & Natalie on Dec 1, 2015

CandleToday marks 5 months .. We miss you ! Baby girl had a really good report card. Today its snowing and its beautiful but not the same without you . Keep plowing snow in heaven... love you

Natalie on Nov 17, 2015

CandleToday my Daddy is gone 4 months , 2 weeks and 2 days. I miss him very much. He was the best Daddy in the whole world !! Mommy is taking good care of me. She put lots of pictures of you throughout the house. She put books together for me too. You will always be in my heart. I love you Daddy.
Your little girl , Natalie xoxox

Anonymous on Nov 6, 2015

Wendi & Natalie on Nov 6, 2015

Today marks 4 months and 5 days. I cried the day I heard the news and I still have tears fallings.... I feel lost that I couldnt make you stay...A golden heart stop beating and hard working hands were put to rest. God broke my heart when he took you. In the end God only takes the best. Love you and miss you

Anonymous on Oct 24, 2015

Wendi & Natalie Lenzner on Oct 17, 2015

Anonymous on Oct 17, 2015

Rob Lehman on Oct 16, 2015

God bless you Frank for being a great man a hard worker. You have done so many great things in your life

Natalie on Oct 6, 2015

CandleDear Daddy , Today Mom and I planted a tree in your honor. I miss you every day . I was in the garage looking through all your tools and wondering what we would be doing if you were here. I often sit in the truck and play the radio and laugh to myself .. We would hit a bump and the radio would shut off. I miss you lots . I love you !! Mom is taking really good care of me. She and I went through the pictures. Talk to you soon Daddy

Wendi on Aug 25, 2015

CandleI think of you everyday , but thats nothing new. Its just not the same without you here !! Until we meet again... I miss you and love you

Natalie on Aug 24, 2015

Dear Daddy ,
I miss you so much !! I can't believe it's almost 2 months. I stop by Pomp's every now and then just to see the guys. I visit you often at the cemetery. We put another light out for you. Every day Mom tells me soemthing about you and She has lots of pictures of you throughout the house. She makes sure I see everyone. Whenever I see an Eagle I think of you. I miss you and love you. To love to cherish forever. Love you lots Natalie

Wendi & Natalie on Aug 9, 2015

Its been one month and 8 days since you suddenly left us. Everyday we miss you more and more!! I do believe Natalie has your ability to collect things. Everything has a purpose. Looking back at the pictures ....we sure did have alot of good times. Your service was just the way you would have wanted. Brian ,Keegan,Shane,Josh,Jr and Mark. All seen you to your final resting spot. I know you would have done the same for them. Pomps just isnt the same without you !! I have so many questions that i dont have answers to right now .Until we meet again. I love you and miss you.

Rozanne on Jul 9, 2015

My heart goes out to Natalie who lost her Loving Father, may she find peace in knowing he is now in God's hands.

Buss Farms Eland, WI on Jul 7, 2015

We are very sorry for the loss of Frank. He always was a pleasure to work around. He almost made us look forward to flat tires on equipment. Having him come to our farm was always a pleasure. It was always clear he had a big heart and was a good hearted guy. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten by all of us.

Charles Jackson on Jul 7, 2015

CandleFrankie was a hard worker, whenever we stopped at Pomps he had a smile on his face and was anxious to help. We will miss him dearly.
Chuck and Laura

Katherine Villiard on Jul 7, 2015

I went to school with him and i have to say he was a very special and kind man.

shvon on Jul 7, 2015

So sorry to hear ,Francis was a wonderful guy with a heart of gold were gonna miss him dearly, condolences to his family n daughter Natalie,

Becky on Jul 6, 2015

I hadn't seen him in quite awhile, but I'll never forget that silly smile he'd give you, or that twinkle in his eye.

Mike Thill on Jul 6, 2015

To my friend Frank and will be missed and were always there to help someone out no matter what was going on.My condolences to your family.Keep fixing those chevy's in Heaven.Love ya man

Debbie on Jul 5, 2015

So very sorry to hear about Francis. Many prayers and our condolences from your Oklahoma cousin.

Natalie Lenzner on Jul 4, 2015

Daddy ~ I love you and miss you so much !!! Love Natalie



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