Location / Facilities

Relaxed surroundings

Visit us in Antigo. In our relaxed surroundings, you’ll find caring and dedication from Bradley staff at a time you need it most.




1550 Neva Road
(Hwy 45) Antigo, WI 54409
Phone: (715) 623-3787

You are always made to feel at home.
The design is classic, yet contemporary. The furnishings are both elegant and comfortable. Throughout the chapel, small groupings of chairs and sofas invite quiet conversation, recollection and remembrance. Spaciousness and warm light abound. The funeral home is, in fact, larger than all others in the area.

The parking is ample, and well-lit. Of course, the chapel is barrier-free, allowing easy access for guests of all physical capabilities. The main lounge offers a refrigerator, a microwave oven, and coffee maker, as well as other facilities for serving refreshments. In addition, the location is most convenient, right on highway 45.

Visit us anytime for a personal tour. This is a place where all your needs are met and all your wishes carried out.

On-Site Crematory